Sep 13, 2011

Who's giving up??

That girl resembles me while the guy resembles him. Hmm... Chained with no key to open the lock. Stuck with each other.
Chained together
I remember there was this one time when he text me telling that we should live our life without each other for a while(come to think about it
,he said that twice already). Then, in the same message, he wrote
"PS: I'm sorry i hurt ur feelings n I'm sorry 4 bein so selfish n i'm sorry 4 being such a jerk.. And I'll still keep to my word so
dun ever think bout giving up on dis relationship..He2..I'm still gonna marry u weather u like it or nt.. Yours truly.."
There! Exactly like that! If you are reading this,I'm sure you're mad at me. I'm sorry. But if you're not mad at me-thank you. The thing is...when I read this message again after more than 8 months, I cried instantly. I don't want to. But I'll cry. You know...I didn't gave did. The thought of you giving up on the thing that you told me not to give up on makes me sad. It almost made me give up. Almost. Please...don't torture me this way. I care about you so much that I put you first before myself(I do that to everyone whom I love).You see...I'm not giving neither should matter how far we are separated,we will always be chained together. If I end up dying before you do, tell your mother that I'm sorry and thank you. Tell my family that I really love them. Tell yourself to go and look for happiness. Okay?
One more thing...go look in the mirror...and you'll see the person that I love.My first love. The guy whom I'm chained to.


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