Sep 13, 2011

Arabic Speaking test!!

Arabic speaking test is coming up for me and I am currently studying Arab with a friend who's studying Sociology. Fuhh! Arabic is tiring! Like seriously..!! the jumlah fe'liah and jumlah ismiah and fe'el mudari' and fe'el madi and muzakkar and mua'nnas and
jamak and mufrad and and etc. huh! look! So many of them...and this is just the basic..still,I would say it is easier than English. The only reason why we feel it is difficult is because we didn't learn it since we're little.

Back to my main point.This little
friend of mind also have her upcoming Arabic speaking test. This dear friend of mind just told me that she don't want to go to the speaking test at all. (not that she meant it and to think she missed the 1st session which supposedly the only session). Actually I wrote this post just for fun..Cause I'm freaking tired and sleepy already.....Look at the picture of her and see how ironic it is..haha..
Zzzzzzzzzzz......Wake uP! Arabic Speaking test is the day after tomorrow Rozen! Work hard!!!(talking to myself)
Okay2...gotta go study....bye ya'allz! Pray for my success!

The girl who don't wanna go to Arabic speaking test


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