Sep 12, 2011


I don't wanna cry
Come on dude! why?! I know that I shouldn't be mad...but I am..I am like FREAKING MAD!!!!!! not to forget UPSET! You just canceled our so-called meeting up! And when my friend called you(which I first thought she was bluffing) and tell you how upset I am, you didn't even
ask me why am I so just said that I shouldn't be upset. Come on man.

How could you
Dude...of course there's at least a reason for me to be that upset. Plus-when
I said I have something in mind that I want to talk to you about,you just said we'll meet later. With your "we still have lots of time" that makes me crazy like hell!(you under-ages..don't use this word okay) I NEED YOU NOW....can't you tell? Isn't it obvious? I'm sorry...I'm a burden to you...but I thought you said whenever I need a hug,I can count on you(as in you'll be there). I guess not anymore..'that' you had it's the new you...hmm....still..I need you...
I need you


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