Sep 11, 2011

Raya lagi!!

cute 'boldies'
Mase raye..macam2 jadi..gambar pon ok la jugak banyaknye..hehe..this is my uncle with my niece..haha..they called me makngah(as in makcik angah-the second child). Waaa~ my first niece!! I'm so exited!! Look... both of them are bold...hehe..
me and my cousin
This is my mother's step brother's second child. Haha..! Weird that the picture focus on my face..(teeheee~)

haaa~this one, includes her little bro..

muqri and I
now this is my cousin...hee~look at our lips..haha!
Nur Ku Safiah and me
now this girl is.....nevermind! it's RAYA!
The Great Stairs
Look at the stairs..and to think that this is my grandma's house.
All you can eat! Eah? where are all the food? finished already?

Waiting for my grandma!

The gathering
All they did is flashback! fuh!

Life trough the mirror
Beautiful eah? Imagine how big is the mirror.

the twins..buffering their nails..haha..!
Oh my lil bros!!!! haha..hilang kejantanan!!


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