Sep 26, 2011

Antara shabat dan kekasih...between a friend and a lover...

This is a short story of how a friends heart is crushed by her own best friend...
Amin have been friends with a girl,nawi for a long time...they are practically siblings...
Nawi of course in fact care a lot about Amin...

Amin got a girlfriend named Sue...
They had their own series of fight and such that made Nawi worried sick bout this Amin dude...
One day...Amin: Nawi! do you have some coins? I wanna call phone is out of credits..
Nawi: Sure..(while handing some coins which she took out from her pockets and wallet) Can I follow you to the public phone? just wanna feel the night air.
Amin: Yeah sure.
So they walked to the public phone.Nawi being her understanding self stays further away so that Amin will get his privacy. A few minutes later, Amin called Nawi and told her to tell her mother that he is not coming back tonight. Nawi becomes worried.
Nawi: why? What's wrong?
Amin: Nothing.
Nawi: Come on..I know that face. Tell me.
Amin: Nothing.
Nawi: Then I'm coming with you.
Amin:  No.
Nawi: I don't care.
Amin: No! (he went away after pushing Nawi into the house and lock her inside)
Nawi was extremely worried that she looked for another key to get out and chase after Amin. She don't want him to be alone at this time of night in KL. So she went after him. But it was to late. he was no where in sight so she thought about places he might go. First she went to his usual hangout. But when she asked the guard about him,he said that he didn't see him walk pass by. So she went to the city to look for him. Unfortunately, it was already late so she don't have any transport to go back. What makes matters worse is that she don't have enough money to go back by taxi. Stood there all alone after tiredly looking for Amin. She thought that maybe she could call her friend to come and pick her up.

She called almost everyone but no one actually care. That night,she realised who are her true friends. Three hours later, one of her friend come and pick her up by taxi and go look for Amin with her. Nawi felt re leaved that she don't have to stay at the city that night.  It was already 4a.m. when they found Amin. Nawi went to him-glad that he is okay. She stood by him with no words,just looking. But he didn't even realize her presence. So she called his name.
Nawi: Amin.
Amin: (looked) Sigh. What are you doing here? Go away!
Nawi: I looked for you everywhere. I'm worried about you.
Amin: Go home!
Nawi: I won't leave without you.
Amin: Don't you understand?! I said leave!!!
Nawi:...... Do you remember that time when you went to looking for your ex house in the rain? How long it takes for you to look for her house and how tired you are? And how she chased you away? Do you remember how does that makes you feel?
Amin: Yeah. Why?!(With groan)
Nawi: Good. Cause that is exactly how I felt right now.(so she went away)
Amin: Nawi! Nawi!
She ignored him. She just continued walking. A sudden pain penetrated her heart that without her realising it-tears rolled down her cheeks. Because of Sue, Amin doesn't care about Nawi. The trouble she went trough to look for him. He didn't care at all. And to think that they were as close as siblings. Now, his lover are far more important. And by that, it crushes Nawi's heart to pieces. Clearly he chose love over friendship. And because of that, everything fell apart. Everything...

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