Sep 26, 2011

Antara shabat dan kekasih...between a friend and a lover...

This is a short story of how a friends heart is crushed by her own best friend...
Amin have been friends with a girl,nawi for a long time...they are practically siblings...
Nawi of course in fact care a lot about Amin...

Amin got a girlfriend named Sue...
They had their own series of fight and such that made Nawi worried sick bout this Amin dude...
One day...

Sep 22, 2011

Ni la citernye...A sweet but awkward thing that he did...n_n

Warning!Post ini memerlukan anda untuk berfikiran terbuka dan menyedari hakikat yang ITU MMG FITRAH...Yang penting kite amik ape yang baek jadikan
.There are lots of people who
always talked about how the guy of their dream and how a guy should really be like and etc...well...this is my friend...named Valentine...Even thought he is not the type of guy everyone talk about,he is perfect just the way he is...

Sep 21, 2011

Sample Task 2(essay) IELTS band 7

Should smoking be banned in public
      There has been an increasing number of death cases related to smoking nowadays. Thus smoking should be banned in public places because it will affect ones health and finance.

     Firstly, smoking will affect the health of both smokers and the second hand smokers around them. The smoke which are inhaled by the smokers and the people around them contains dangerous toxics and chemicals that can cause severe damage to one's health. These toxics and chemicals can cause lung cancer and heart diseases to both type of smokers. Other than that, this action can reduce the number of second

A note MY friend wrote me...

She is a dear friend that always try to be there for each and every one of us when we feel in need of her...and now she will have to move to a different campus....A-3-07...this is especially for you guys to read....

Sep 20, 2011

Task 2(essay) for IELTS band 6

Ok,this is for you guys to refer to..all the best guys!
      Young people is one of the most easily influenced people among all ages of people. Therefore, the amount of violence shown on TV will effect the mind development and behaviour of the youngsters.

     Firstly, the amount of violence shown on TV will effect their mind development as they are easy to be influence. They will get the wrong idea of how the society and the world works. For an instance, negative thoughts about the society will be develop and the youngsters will

Task 1(data analysis) for IELTS band 5.5/6

      The bar graph indicates the average household expenditure per week on selected items in Australia between the year 1980 to1995. The items which are selected are recorded music, books and cinema.

      Firstly,the average expenditure spent per week on recorded music was very low in1980 which was $2.00 per week compare to the average expenditure spent on books in 1980 which was $5.00 per week. But then,


these past few days rase cm down and moody gile...UPSET GILER!!
I hate feeling this way but I already did...
I thought of studying but the fact of the study itself makes me mad coz it reminds me of the other person who is studying...
and to think that
I don't wanna disturb Mr. Valentine b'coz he was having exams...
Trying not to be clingy and everything since he said he don't have a heart...
Well Mr. If you don't have a heart, how come you have a crush??? haa???
That means you actually have a heart...
"I don't have a heart" la sangat kan....
I malas nak condemn ke, ape ke,nnti kate I clingy and mengongkong pulak..
And the "I need my space" pn he will ckp...
I had to write this for the sake of not getting mad...
I malas nak Ckp kat him dah...

Sep 18, 2011

Apology Sonnet

Sweat drips in my eyes and the cry of lust we scream,
Tonight thee art everything to me,
No more as I wake from
this perfect dream,
But now I must think only of myself not thee.
Our hearts are tight but not us

Sep 15, 2011


something happened yesterday!!! 
And it makes me feel so
happy and relieved! 
Gonna tell about it later k!! 
Wait for my post! 

What happen during my first Arabic speaking test....

My Arabic speaking test was...err.... describable...haha! I don't know why, but I felt kinda happy after I've finished it..YAY!!! this is how it goes like...(don't worry,I'll translate in English):-

Ustazah: Introduce yourself..
Me: ???
Ustazah: Introduce yourself.
 Ustazah: Perkenalkan diri..(introduce yourself in malay)
 Me: Owh! hee~ name is (my name)..I came from Ipoh,Perak. My dad work with a company and my mom is not working. My family consist of my dad,and my mom,and 2 doughters and 3 brothers.
Ustazah: Okay. What does your

Sep 13, 2011

Arabic Speaking test!!

Arabic speaking test is coming up for me and I am currently studying Arab with a friend who's studying Sociology. Fuhh! Arabic is tiring! Like seriously..!! the jumlah fe'liah and jumlah ismiah and fe'el mudari' and fe'el madi and muzakkar and mua'nnas and
jamak and mufrad and and etc. huh! look! So many of them...and this is just the basic..still,I would say it is easier than English. The only reason why we feel it is difficult is because we didn't learn it since we're little.

Back to my main point.This little

Who's giving up??

That girl resembles me while the guy resembles him. Hmm... Chained with no key to open the lock. Stuck with each other.
Chained together
I remember there was this one time when he text me telling that we should live our life without each other for a while(come to think about it
,he said that twice already). Then, in the same message, he wrote
"PS: I'm sorry i hurt ur feelings n I'm sorry 4 bein so selfish n i'm sorry 4 being such a jerk.. And I'll still keep to my word so

Sep 12, 2011


I don't wanna cry
Come on dude! why?! I know that I shouldn't be mad...but I am..I am like FREAKING MAD!!!!!! not to forget UPSET! You just canceled our so-called meeting up! And when my friend called you(which I first thought she was bluffing) and tell you how upset I am, you didn't even
ask me why am I so just said that I shouldn't be upset. Come on man.

How could you
Dude...of course there's at least a reason for me to be that upset. Plus-when

Sep 11, 2011

Raya lagi!!

cute 'boldies'
Mase raye..macam2 jadi..gambar pon ok la jugak banyaknye..hehe..this is my uncle with my niece..haha..they called me makngah(as in makcik angah-the second child). Waaa~ my first niece!! I'm so exited!! Look... both of them are bold...hehe..
me and my cousin

Sep 1, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Wah3! It has been a month already?!! How time flies... It's already syawal and I hope you guys had a great syawal..!! The truth is...
I am kinda sad that Ramadhan had left us. I felt like I've missed a lot of opportunity back then. Now I wish I still have a chance to enjoy Ramadhan next year(InsyaAllah). Now, during Ramadhan, I've learnt that everything takes great effort and patients. Even eating!(SERIOUSLY!!) I met a few old dear friends during this Ramadhan and how I missed them(like seriously). Well...ape-ape pown, at least i got the chance to meet them! yay me!!(Now I sound like London) Balek cuti raye....hmm....x tau la nak cakap ape...I have lots of things to say but nothing to you know what


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