Sep 15, 2011

What happen during my first Arabic speaking test....

My Arabic speaking test was...err.... describable...haha! I don't know why, but I felt kinda happy after I've finished it..YAY!!! this is how it goes like...(don't worry,I'll translate in English):-

Ustazah: Introduce yourself..
Me: ???
Ustazah: Introduce yourself.
 Ustazah: Perkenalkan diri..(introduce yourself in malay)
 Me: Owh! hee~ name is (my name)..I came from Ipoh,Perak. My dad work with a company and my mom is not working. My family consist of my dad,and my mom,and 2 doughters and 3 brothers.
Ustazah: Okay. What does your
grandfather work as?
Me: (Astaghfirullah al-a'zim,both of them passed away already!) Umm... he work as a farmer and also have lots of chicken(haha! I didn't know where did that came from).
Ustazah: Did you go back to your village often?
Me: Ha? Umm...(What the heck is she saying?)
 Ustazah: Did you go back to your village often?
 Me: Ha? Umm...I went there by train.?
  Ustazah: No..I said did you go back to your village often?Not how do you go there.did..did..not how(In Malay)
Me: Oooo.... umm.. Yes! Every Eid!
 Ustazah: What can you see in the village?
Me: Me: Ha? Umm...(Alamak! I'm dead!)umm...mmm...mmm...
Ustazah: What can you see in the village?(Malay)
 Me:(senyum cam kerang busuk) I can see a lot of green and of course a whole lot of chickens!
Ustazah:(giggles) How about in the city?
Me: I can see a lot of cars and humans. Oh2..I can also see trees!
Ustazah: In the city?
Me: Ipoh...My city..(proud..haha!)
Ustazah:( Smile) Okay..Thanks..
Yeah!!! so that's how it went like...At least I am enjoying my test...haha! Don't know how the marks going to end up like..huh!(shiver)
I freaked out just like the cat! 
 I hope it'll turn out ok..I'll pass..Pray for me!


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