Sep 21, 2011

Sample Task 2(essay) IELTS band 7

Should smoking be banned in public
      There has been an increasing number of death cases related to smoking nowadays. Thus smoking should be banned in public places because it will affect ones health and finance.

     Firstly, smoking will affect the health of both smokers and the second hand smokers around them. The smoke which are inhaled by the smokers and the people around them contains dangerous toxics and chemicals that can cause severe damage to one's health. These toxics and chemicals can cause lung cancer and heart diseases to both type of smokers. Other than that, this action can reduce the number of second
hand smokers and the time the smokers spend on smoking thus decreasing the number of death caused by smoking related diseases. In conclusion, smoking should be banned in public places to avoid the bad effect to society's health level.

      Next, smoking will cause financial problem to the smokers and their family. Cigarette nowadays costs a lot and it will affect the financial state of a heavy smoker especially when he or she have a family. They will spend an average of at least RM 20 each day on cigarette. In addition, with banning smoking in public, smokers will spend lesser time smoking as the have to look for private places for them to smoke. As a result, less time will be spent on smoking which leads to less purchase of cigarettes. So by banning smoking, the financial problem of the smokers can be resolve.

      In a nutshell, smoking should be banned in public places as by doing it, the society will live a healthier life and the smokers will get to avoid financial crisis.


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