Sep 22, 2011

Ni la citernye...A sweet but awkward thing that he did...n_n

Warning!Post ini memerlukan anda untuk berfikiran terbuka dan menyedari hakikat yang ITU MMG FITRAH...Yang penting kite amik ape yang baek jadikan
.There are lots of people who
always talked about how the guy of their dream and how a guy should really be like and etc...well...this is my friend...named Valentine...Even thought he is not the type of guy everyone talk about,he is perfect just the way he is...

This is how I feel like
ok..this is a conversation between me and him trough it until the end k..i just copy and paste it..
Him :hello?
Me :slow internet??
Him :jap
       :i dont have my
microphone with me
       :tepakse gne laptop mic
Me: oooo....xde mic??
Him: ade mic
       : but laptop punye
       : so i kene ckp kuat
       : my friends nk study
       : so x leyh ckp sgt lar
Me: did u cut ur hair?
Him: yeah
      : raye arituh
      : y?
      : x nmpk
      : gamba ape?
      : ooo
      : ok
      : i see
      : cool
      : cool
      : i said cool
Me: act nak tunjuk 2 je...
     : hehe...
Him: owh
      : ok
Me: u're bz???
Him: not really
      : just
Me: what's wrong???
Him: irrnrnklrnmkmkm gknlfmglsnrs
      : mnhjnjknfgnmkogmkgsgljmngrkmnlrs
      : ngnjrrknkgnmgrs
Me: how did u do that??
Him: just randomly type stuff lar
      : adeh
Me: isyrsyvgfbuitskhysdkiytfsuiktysdbuyfhhhhhdvyugfbudvgjdvhbjhdgi
     : xde pn....
Him: ape yg i buat?
      : i dunno
      : i just randomly typed stuf
(there are lots of conversation going on in here but just random stuff)
Him: ok lar
      : cmnih
      : hmm
      : i'm sorry
      : i lied arituh
      : truthfully mmg i xde duet
      : but the real reason wuz dat
      : i get horny when i'm with u
      : so
      : cm
      : i don't wanna do anything u don't want me to do to you
      : phm x?
Me: pham.....
     : rilek aa....
Him: susah
      : i kan pervert
      : ha3
Me: why are u making a big deal out of it...
     : u tau x i cm mrh gile2....
     : haha...
Him: mrh sbb i get horny ker sbb i cancel?
Though we have the urge to meet...we ignore it coz we know it'll be better if we don't.
Me: cancel...
Him: ah
      : x perlu
Me: tp...
     : pk rasional la kn...
Him: coz klau kite jumpe
Me: haha....
Him: yeah
      : pretty much
      : klau kite jumpe
      : high chance i'd end up raping u
      : so
      : x perlu lar kot
Me: ok.....
     : klau cmtu xyah jmpe langsung la??
Him: hmm
      : at least
      : until kite kawen

Then we talk some more and decided to continue studying....I smiled in my sleep thinking that somebody actually care that much about me.....See...he don't love me...but at least he cared...And he's being honest...I can live with that..This thing actually made my day... And I wish him the best life that he could ever have...I pray to god everyday that we will get trough this...

He is not the best guy or man that a girl would wish for,but he is a friend that I am glad I have...
P/S:If you read this..please don't be mad...


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