Jun 22, 2011

Appetizer: Red Bell Pepper Bruschetta

Red Bell Pepper Bruschetta

(1/3 slice of bread) 25 calories, high in starchy carbohydrates contains small amount of protein and generally low in fat, whole wheat contains more vitamins than regular bread(vitamin B, E and folate).

Nutrition score per serving:
  • Total amount of calories 75
  • 8g of carbs.
  • 1g of protein.

Main Ingredients:

Bread: 8 slices, 1 cm

Cream cheese
Roasted red bell pepper, sliced
Fresh rosemary
Olive oil


1. Spread cream cheese on toasted bread slices.

2. Top with roasted bell pepper.

3. Garnish with rosemary and drizzle some olive oil over them


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