Apr 13, 2014

Abd. Rahim

Truly He is the One whom grant us feelings such of happiness and sadness in our hearts
But He is also the One whom bestowed us with mind to think
The mind is placed above the heart in our body resembles the power of mind over heart
However the mind cannot function without the heart thus giving it a priority to take care of the heart
With this, He has also created us as pure beings as we were born
Free from darkness and evil
Therefor we have to follow what our heart desires
BUT guided with our mind
To react without thinking is truly not how a Muslim nor Mu'min should behave
one must have knowledge of one possible actions before proceeding with what one wants
Indeed He is Ar-Rahim
He is the One who loves us even before we were born
He is the One who listen to us even when we neglect Him
He is the One who gave us life even when we don't deserve it
He is the One god that we should love and obey
He is the only One
He is Allah

I wrote this out of the feelings I get when a very dear friend send me a text to apologize.
Though he is not a Muslim, but Allah manage to make me remember Him trough him.
Please pray for the ease of my friend in becoming a Muslim and Mu'min insyaAllah. 

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