Oct 12, 2011

Aku telah membuat keputusan..my heart is missing.

Lately,bloog aku nie aku tulis dalam bahase melayu jer...sebab..entah la...hmm...
Dalam kesedihan hati yang merosakkan segala tumpuan yang cuba aku berikan pada hidup yang serba fana ini,aku telah membuat satu keputusan yang akan mengubah masa depan aku...

I'm moving on...funny that I've rehearsed the line "you don't have to be with me anymore" for so many times. I wanted to say "I don't love you anymore" so that you will feel better but I can't lie. I can't stop myself from crying when I said that because it hurts a lot. I know I've promised I'll try looking for somebody that I will love. In your words-give myself another chance-but it is not that easy. It is never easy. I can try caring for another guy but I know I can never love another. I'll try,just like I've promised you. But there's no assurance that it will succeed.

Despite all that, I whole heartedly(if that is even a word) pray that you will find your happiness and the one that you love-even though that person is not me.ever. I love you so much that I want you to be happy. And if you're not happy with me then I'd rather let you go. I know you will think I'm so pathetic for doing this but who cares. I only have 1 love. And you took it cruelly and not give it back. I'm tired. I had to much pain already that if you cause more of it,it doesn't make any difference.

I've realized that I had forgotten that I have to love Him more than I love you. I'm a weak slave that needs more training at heart which is going to be problem because it is missing. My heart....is missing...Still...I have no choice...I chose to let you go...so I had to live with the consequences...I'm learning to accept that I had to let you go.

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  1. pergh, nice blog but your words most importanly than others...like i've just mentioned, be more strong than before..'innallaha maana' :)


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