Aug 28, 2011

I'Origine: Chapter One(1)

Opening my eyes with the best feeling I have ever felt when I saw him next to me. He was still sleeping soundly. I don't remember the last time I felt this happy. But all of a sudden I remembered about the incident occurred yesterday. We fought over something. But what? I know I don't like it. Lately, our relationship had been on the edge. It worries me. I know my position in this relationship, but must you state it out loud?

A painful strike struck me at the moment. Tears fell down from my cheeks as I went out of bed and head to the washroom. Looking in the mirror, i saw bags- eye bags- a tired face, a faded smile and a broken heart. I don't blame him. In fact, I will never blame him. All this is my doing. I chose to love him. Therefor I have to bear with it.

Thinking bout the war, I have to be strong. He will not drag me down to the ground. I have to be strong. He will not drag me to the ground. I have a mission to fulfill. I have responsibilities on my shoulders. turning the tap to let the water flow out, I thought of the pain I suffer. As I wash my face with the clear water, I imagined all my pain and sorrows being washed away and came a sense of another being in my presence. He held my waist and hugged me.

"Good morning," he whispered into my ear. I smiled looking at his reflection in the mirror even though I wish he said I love you instead.
"Morning,have a nice sleep?" I ask trying to start a conversation hoping he didn't notice that I cried.
With a very sweet smile carved on his face, he answered my question,"Of course," he said something then but I wasn't really pay attention as my mind astray from reality.
"Black? Black?!" I snapped back into reality when he held my face close to his and called my name. 
"Yeah?! Sorry...daydreaming," I blushed looking at his face so close to mine. I turned away quickly and change the topic. "Come on, hurry up and get dressed. We are going to be late for war. At least I am," I said firmly hoping that he would not notice my face blushing. Then he winked at me while walking towards the shower. Realizing the situation, I went out of the washroom.
Ori came in trough the window just as I close the washroom door. A small scroll was attached to his tarsus(the part above the feet). I took the scroll and opened it. It was a message from the deputy general telling that the army was armored and ready. 600 archers, 600 swordsman, 600 all rounder, and 300 specially trained assassins. I stood there starring at the small paper for a brief moment, thinking bout how will it be like. I have doubt in both my mind and hearts. A pair of full-grown hands touch my shoulders firmly but gently. It shook me to reality.
"It's going to be a long and bloody war," he said with his serious tone. I swallowed my fear and images of how the war is going to be like. I prayed to god that He will help us in winning this war.

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